May, 2013

Wrong Site Amputations

wrong site amputation lawsuitGoing into surgery is a scary prospect, especially with risky procedures. You should be able to feel confident in your hospital’s surgical staff and have a good understanding of what your body is about to be put through prior to surgery.

However, everyone makes mistakes sometimes, even doctors. It is surprisingly common for even the intelligent medical professionals to make horrific surgical errors.

There is a class of errors that are classified as so egregious that they should never happen. One of these is performing surgery on the wrong part of a person’s body. For example, when a surgeon amputates the wrong limb, they are giving their patient a crippling, life altering injury. What’s worse is the limb that was set to be amputated must still be removed.

When doctors make such profoundly erroneous choices, they put their patients’ lives at risk. However, it is possible to make doctors take on the liability for these errors. Filing a medical malpractice lawsuit can help you hold a negligent physician accountable for his or her injurious mistakes.

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