Michelin Tyres – The French Company

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Are you wondering about Michelin tyres and its origin? This tyre manufacturer is a French based company. The company originally hails from the Auvergne region in France. It is compared to Bridgestone as per size of operations worldwide. There are several other North American tyre brands that are owned by this company. The Michelin energy tyre was introduced in the early eighties. The company has striven to be more than a tyre manufacturer and believes in making its presence felt in different ways. There are the Red and Green travel guides that have been introduced by brand as well as roadmaps, Red Guide awards for restaurants, Michelin stars and more importantly, the mascot of the company, Biennium, also known as the Michelin Man.

The company is known for several innovations that it introduced down the ages since it started operating. The removable tyre or the neural was invented by the company. This is a tyre that allows trains to run on rails. The radial tyre or the green tyres which help reduce consumption of fuel were also invented by Michelin. The website of the company is pretty active. One can find much information about the products and services from the official website of Michelin tyres.

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