Legal Issues Involve In Life Insurance Claims

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It is true but difficult to believe that you can expect from an insurance company for rejecting your benefits according to the life insurance company policy. Well You believe on this really or not but actually it happens and it is possible that insurance companies can deny your legal proceeding of death benefit under some situations and their policies. This article will reveal some major issues that can be involved when a company fails for making the legal proceedings. You should be aware of these things if you are a beneficiary according to insurance policies. An insurer can make a legal claim during the period of contestable and it is his/her right to do so.

If the person dies before completing the two years after issuance of the policy then the insurance company can make investigation of dispute on insurance application. Normally the insurance company orders for checking the medical records of insured. In case the insurer finds that the applicant presented medical condition wrongly or he omitted the pertinent data then it can be the cause of payment deny and in this situation no legal action can be made. Various arguments may be available for the beneficiary in order to count the denial of the presentment.

In order to asses if the applicant set up misrepresentation for lawsuit on the application, the lawyer should check the application of beneficiary itself. Some applications have language which needs to attest the knowledge and belief of the insured that the information provided by insurer is accurate or not. This language is critical in litigation and the reason is it may impose a great burden on insurance company for proving whether the misrepresentation is made in application. Normally, an insurance company rejects the payment on policy that omitted fact should be material and for beneficiary it is easy to prove that the fact was material in nature.

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