Impressive Portal Of Michelin Tyres

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Whichever country Michelin tyres have its presence, it has been seen that they are most interactive with their customers through their portals. Nowadays, in the age of e-commerce, one cannot underestimate the power of the internet of reaching one’s target audience and keeping them abreast of the latest happenings and product details of one’s company.

Michelin is definitely making its presence felt in the countries that it has expanded its operations in. Whichever country’s website of Michelin you visit, one will see latest news of their expansion plans. They also aggressively market their tires as the ones which last long, are eco friendly, cost effective and helps one to save fuel. All the criteria for success is in built in the functioning of this brand.

Targeting Both End Customers As Well As Dealers

Michelin tyres offer tyre care and other useful advice to the customers. They also have interactive portals and retail information for the dealers on their website. Unlike other tyre companies which are yet to fully utilize the potentials of e-commerce to the fullest, this tyre company makes full use of the portal’s powers to harness future customers as well as dealers for their products.

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