Can A Pre Existing Injury Affect Your Car Accident Claim?

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Can A Pre Existing Injury Affect Your Car Accident Claim?

Dealing with a car accident and all of its consequences take a huge toll on a person’s financial well-being as well as mental health. Sometimes injuries take a few weeks to heal, but other times they can last more than a few months. During this period, all you can do is wait and continue to pay your medical bills. 

If you already had an injury before the accident, it’s likely to get worse in the case of a crash. Unfortunately, a situation like this can create a dilemma around how much compensation you can seek from the other party. This post aims to clear your doubts about how to handle pre-existing injuries while filing an accident claim. 

Pre Existing Injury And Accident Claims:

Rules set by the insurance companies clearly state that you are not eligible to get compensation for a pre-existing injury after an accident. No matter how critical the condition may seem, the other party who caused the accident isn’t liable to pay you any money for treating your pre-existing injuries. However, there are incidents when pre-existing injuries get worse or their effects multiple due to an accident. 

If you can collect relevant medical documents and reports that can prove your point in the courtroom, then you may receive financial aid to treat those increased effects. 

It’s a technical process and requires a lot of patience, knowledge of the legal system, and experience in handling similar cases in the past. So, instead of trying to handle everything by yourself, consider taking help from a personal injury lawyer and explain everything. Based on the situation and the evidence that you provide, he can suggest a way to handle this situation effectively and get the compensation that you deserve. You can learn more about it at and clear all your doubts immediately. Keep these points in mind and avoid unnecessary troubles due to pre-existing injuries at the time of filing an accident claim.

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